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Products returned under warranty eat up your expected profit.

Depending on your sales channels, you must consider the quantity of products that may be returned; then figure the cost to get the products back on the market.


Returned products

Most retail stores allow the customers 2 – 4 weeks to return their purchased products with little or no restrictions. Unfortunately, you might be the one paying for this policy.

The quantity of returned products depends on the product type and more important, the quality. When it comes to returns, there may be a difference between off-line stores and on-line stores. Off-line stores, mostly rewrap the products and return them to the store shelves with a note that they have been opened. Some on-line stores may do the same, but the difference is that the off-line customers can see the product is in an opened box and therefore knows the condition of the product; whereas the on-line customers expects to get ONLY new products. This creates a dilemma for the on-line stores for the reason that some of them will only sell open boxes through their auctions OR they will send them back to you. At the same time, FEWER customers return products they have bought on-line, compared to purchases off-line, which is to be expected to equal out in the coming years.

There are many reasons why customers return the products, quality is one of the problems, and another is information, or the lack thereof. If the customers do not understand your product, you increase the number of returned products. You can reduce the amount of those returns by educating the sales people, creating good manuals and having a good customer service hot line.

You should ask the retailers you are dealing with, what you should expect to be returned under the “Warranty period”, although they might not keep track of this information.

How to minimize the cost of returned products

There are companies that specialize in repackaging your returned products, which is an option if you want to get the products back in retail. Another alternative is that you can sell these products as refurbished, but then they are expected to cost a lot less.

Retail is dependent on extended warranties/insurance

Often with consumer electronics and computer products, retail will get a big part of their profit from extended product warranties and/or insurances. In most cases, retail is not interested in a manufacturer giving an increased warranty.

Retail normally has their own agreements with specific insurance companies for the extended warranties.

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